Have you ever wondered why an orchestra has a conductor? I sure have (when I was a child). While every other member of the group is playing their hearts out, this one person is standing up, waiving his arms and telling everyone else what to do. On the surface, it seems that the person doing the least is getting all of the praise, and adoration However, when one peels back the onion, we see the Conductor performs a critically valuable service.

Human nature suggest that without a SINGULAR leader, individuals would be tempted to decent from the group’s musical course to showboat and do what is best for themself to highlight one’s own skill. If that were to happen, the orchestra would no longer be a cohesive, singular unit with a solitary goal. It would be a chaotic free-for-all!

The same thing happens if your organization’s Corporate Identity does not have a Conductor. Every vendor, that in some way uses the logo, wants to impress you by their creative prowess and therefore will give your project a certain creative “flair”. They will change, manipulate, and alter anything about your logo to impress you. When that happens, and you have multiple vendors, you now have that many variations of your logo and your identity is shot.

Like that orchestra, your Trademark needs a conductor! This Corporate Identity Conductor must have the end goal as its primary mission: Unity and Cohesion. One that will make sure ALL vendors follow a prescribed plan to guarantee that your corporate identity is used consistently EVERY time.

This “Conductor” could certainly be a person like a director of Marketing, but the task could be too large for one individual. The better solution would be to insist on having a Corporate Standards Manual created.

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