What is a Trademark…Really? I know what you are thinking… “It’s that little picture on my business card”.

Okay. Why is it there? What is it purpose? What should it accomplish?

Through my many years of experience, I have concluded that a Trademark (also known as a Logo or Brandmark) should have two distinct reasons to exist. First, The Trademark must IDENTIFY your company. In this modern age of technology and “next day deliveries”, business can be conducted without ever interacting with a live human being. In days gone by, businesses relied heavily on humans. I particular salesperson, for instance would be the “face” of a business. But since the advent of Big Tech and the internet, businesses rely less and less on human interaction. So what then is the “face” of your business? It’s the Corporate Identity or corporate image…your Trademark! Your logo becomes the mental image that the public holds as it thinks about your particular business’ products or services. This is why using a Trademark in a “Radically Consistent” manner makes a huge difference. If your trademark appears different each time the public sees it, It will look like different companies and not consistently Identifying your organization.

Secondly, a logo should DISTINGUISH your business from all others. This REQUIRES that your logo be more sophisticated than just clipart. In a sea of logos, your Brand Mark needs to stand out from all others, especially from your competition. Hiring the right Trademark or Corporate Identity Designer is critically important. You cannot afford to look like everyone else. You cannot afford to be breezed over in a quick glance. Make sure you stand out from the crowd.

If your Trademark is the “face” of your business…Make it a GOOD one!

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