“Never Underestimate the Importance of Making
a Good First Impression”
― Unknown

Imagine you are traveling late one night in an unfamiliar area. You have been driving all day and all you want is to stop and get a good night’s sleep. To your delight, up ahead are two hotels that seem to be flagging for your attention. Because of your fatigue, you have to quickly make a choice. For the sake of this illustration, imagine that you do not have the power of the internet. Only what you are able to see.

The first one you arrive to has about a third of the lights on the sign that are dimmed. There is a window shutter that is askew and half fallen off. The building is in desperate need of a paint job. One of the windows has been broken and never fixed. The grass needs mowing. The pool is green and the vacancy neon sign is flickering and cannot stay on. In short, every indicator tells you that this hotel is in complete disrepair.

Just down the road is another hotel. It is well kept. The parking lot is well lit. It has a freshened look about it. There is a contemporary color scheme to the exterior. The landscaping is well manicured. It is the opposite of the first one. Now the important question: Where will you choose to spend the night?

The answer is obvious. The 2nd hotel. But why? You REALLY know nothing about either hotel at this point. You don’t know the owner. You don’t know the condition of the rooms. You don’t know the rates. But from what you see – from your FIRST IMPRESSIONS you have drawn certain conclusions. The bottom line is you have CONCLUDED – in mere seconds – that the room in the 2nd Hotel is going to be cleaner, nicer, fresher and more pleasing to stay in… based ONLY on the outward, superficial appearances of the two establishments.

Corporate Identity works exactly the same way! Prospective customers can rule you out as a viable option with which to do business based solely upon how professional or unprofessional you appear. If your competitor ‘down the road’ gives the appearance that they are established, successful, state-of-the-art, and vibrant, while you appear like a ‘mom & pop’ operation doing business out of your garage…you will lose EVERY SINGLE TIME! A well designed and effective Logo can make you appear established, up-to-date, successful and vibrant.

Make your first impression count! You won’t have a second chance!

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