Type of Business: Food Service Retail

Product or Service: Bakery

Brand Mark Style: Concept Mark

Location: Travelers Rest, SC

It was an absolute delight to create a Corporate Identity for Screamin’ Good Bakery that both the bakery owners and the patrons just love. We were happy to have been of service to you.

From The Owner

‘…Beautiful and Artistic…’

“When we first engaged you to create our logo for Screamin’ Good Bakery, our gluten free bakery in South Carolina, you quoted a price so reasonable that I thought it might not include your most diligent efforts. Boy was I ever wrong!!

I never could have dreamt up a logo so beautiful and artistic and which presents our concept of elegant gluten free products as well as your logo has. I’m so in love with the artwork, that I want to enlarge the logo and frame it and post it all over my walls! Not only was the drawing magnificent, but the colors!! Brown and sea-green, what a spectacular combination! I’m so exuberant over your work that I will be boasting about you on the Retail Bakers of America Chat Room. You just outdid yourself, and I am so thrilled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You just kicked my bakery up a notch!!”
– Rise Myers, Baker/Owner, Screamin’ Good Bakery –

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