Name Creation

Choosing a name for your company seems, on the surface, to be an exercise in the obvious. “I want to open a hamburger stand and my name is Jones so let’s call it ‘Jones Hamburgers”. And that is how problems begin.

An effective company name needs two critical characteristics: 1. It must Identify your company. 2. Distinguish your company from all others. Most people only consider the first one. But the problem lies in the latter one. The reason for many companies filing lawsuits against others is because of trademark infringement. Trademark infringement is due to company organizers not properly understanding the principle of distinguishing from all others.

When VIVIDesign Group sets out to create a new company name, we have BOTH of these principles squarely in mind. We strive to create unique and distinctive names that will set your company apart from all others. Take a look at the companies below that we have helped. If you need help with your new company name…Give us a call!

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