Logos for Raccoons

Not to be confused with Racoon Logos!

Raccoon Logo Tattoo

Logos for Raccoons

No Logos for Raccoons yet, however, in 2006 a movie named Ultraviolet had a fictitious city named Racoon City. Racoon City was the home of the fictitious, Umbrella Corporation. It had a logo featuring the top of an octagon umbrella with four white sections and four red sections.

By the second quarter of 2022, Vividesign Group will be offering: Logos for Raccoons, Horse Racing Logos, Fly fishing Logos, and Logos for Bears.

Any Resident Evil fan will instantly recognize this iconic logo that has been topping the movie charts for over 15 years. This logo is a textbook example of good branding plus simple design.

Vividesign Group did not create this logo. There are conflicting stories as to whom the artist is. We very much appreciate its simplicity and artistic architecture used for this fictional post-apocalyptic cinematic masterpiece.

If you, your raccoon, your cat or dog needs a logo please give us a call, we will be designing, Logos for Raccoons in 2022!

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