Case Study – Rocky Mountain Troutfitter

Type of Business: Consumer Services

Product or Service: Fly Fishing Guide Service

Trademark Style: Concept Mark

Location: Denver, Colorado

Does Your Trademark Say Too Much?

That sounds like an unusual question doesn’t it? On the surface, it seems almost like asking the question: “Is my production quality too good?” But once you get past the surface, the two questions are miles apart.

The short answer is: YES…your Trademark can say too much.

We recently worked on a Trademark project for Rocky Mountain Troutfitters, a quality fly fishing guide service for professionals that love the outdoors. Before we struck a deal, the owner had received some spec designs from at least one other design firm. He liked the general concept because it ‘said too much’. The “Trademark” illustration showed snow capped mountains (more than one), against a blue sky, a stream flowing from the mountain and a trout chasing a fly on a line. That is a LOT to put in a Trademark to identify a company. The Trademark isn’t intended to give the whole marketing message, just give a sense of the company’s essence.

We was asked by the owner what our thoughts were on the previous designs. So I asked these questions:

1. Do you think this piece of artwork will work in only Black & White (no shades of gray)?
2. Can it be embroidered on a garment?
3. What about a phone book ad? Will it easily print there small and in a single color or are you willing to spend significantly more money to use that color version in the phone booK

Once he thought about the impact of that complicated image, he decided that he wanted a Trademark that would be more simplistic and universal in every possible application. Yet, we were charged to keep the essence of the original artwork. Above is the final result. The Trademark that he decided on certainly keeps the essence of the first design yet is extremely versatile. A Trademark should not say it all, but if designed correctly can say just the right amount.

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