Custom Trademark Creation is our passion!

Creating a custom Trademark for an organization is much more than just drawing a little picture. There is a lot of research, so planning and timing always go into the process.

DIY online companies rely on computers throwing shapes together. Some rely heavily on generic clip art. That may be okay if you want to look generic. However, Vividesign Group spends scores of hours researching your market and competition. Once the research is complete, they jot down every idea and variation before we arrive at the ideal Custom Trademark Creation.

Obtaining the right Custom Trademark for your company is a complex process.

For a powerful, meaningful, and outstanding mark, it takes time, creativity, and experience from an experienced designer. However, by looking at a large majority of logos in the marketplace today, it looks like many of them were “thrown together” by amateurs.

For instance, would you hire your gardener to perform surgery or a plumber to fix your electricity? Of course not!
So why use your assistant or go to FIVERR to ‘do’ your logo.

Successful companies always hire a seasoned pro to create their trademark.

In addition, Logos are no longer relevant, today you need a custom trademark to stand out.

VIVIDESIGN Group is a 10-time Award Winning Design firm with well over 1,000 successful projects completed. For many years, we have carefully developed a proven philosophy that improves the image of our client’s businesses and ALWAYS allows the Trademark to be reproduced in any application.

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