In 2019, there was an estimated 2.5 billion Christian’ worldwide. That means that approximately 32% of the world’s population followed the Bible in one level or another. They use it to guide their lives and to be the best version of themselves as possible.

When a company or organization goes through the time, money, and resources to create a compelling Corporate Identity (CI), they are well served to spend a tiny fraction of resources to create and promote their own CI Bible: The Corporate Standards Manual.

In short, a Corporate Standards Manual is a written and illustrated set of instructions that are designed to inform and encourage the proper use of a Corporate Identity program. Equally, it is intended to inform and discourage the improper use of the Corporate Identity of a company.

As a company gets larger and more successful, the Corporate Identity of a company is handled by more and more people. While a small company with limited employees, it is reasonable that the improper use of the Identity can be controlled by a single person or department. As the organization grows, that task becomes impossible. The only way to ensure that everyone that is using the CI in a Radically Consistent fashion is if they are adhering to ‘THE STANDARD’.

The truth is, in the best case scenario, outside vendors are just not concerned with following the exact details of your organizations Corporate Identity. At worst vendors are looking to tweak, alter, change, and ‘improve’ your Corporate Identity to showcase their own skills and services. Therefore, there MUST be a process in place to enforce Radical Consistency in the use of your Corporate Identity. The Corporate Stand Manual is that process.

Like the Bible itself, the Corporate Standard’s Manual is a Guide to proper and improper use of the company’s trademark. Most are quite comprehensive and cover the following topics:
1. Anatomy of the Trademark
2. Proper Uses
3. Improper Uses
4. Corporate Color Scheme
5. Corporate Font Usage
6. Trademark Application Examples for:
1. Corporate Stationery
2. Signage
3. Advertising

Most business owners have never thought about the need for a Corporate Standards Manual. However, the need for radical consistency demands that every business develop processes that ensure that level of consistency. If consistency eludes your business, you need to hire a professional that can develop one for you.

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