Type of Business: On-line Retailer

Product or Service: Fly Fishing Tackle

Trademark Style: Product Mark

Location: Reading, Lawrence, Kansas

Yager’s Flies represents the stereotypical small business. Prior to retaining our Corporate Identity services, they produced all of their sales material in-house. Their logo was an afterthought that “a buddy threw together”. They seemed fairly satisfied at the time of our meeting, convinced that a professional image didn’t matter…after all no one else in the industry puts that much emphasis on it.

Precisely! What an opportunity to stand out as an innovator.

The previous logo was not necessarily aesthetically unappealing, but it had one major flaw: Detail. Yager’s made the same mistake that most untrained business owners make with their logo: They wanted it to say too much. It shows a fisherman at the top, holding a fly rod. At the bottom is a fish (largemouth bass) attached to the line of the pole that the fisherman is holding. Who looking at it, there is so much going on that one does not know where to look. Imagine driving down the road at 65 miles an hour and seeing this logo on a billboard for the first time. There is no way that your mind could comprehend what is happening in this logo. A Trademark’s purpose is never to tell you everything about a company, it should simply Indentify and distinguish from all others.

We created a stylistic and modern looking Trademark that quickly caught the attention of the industry. Being a fly fisherman myself, I personally understood the industry very well. The Trademark is simplistic representation of a dry fly made up of 4 very simple shapes. Those four shapes carefully arranged are transformed into a masterfully simplistic yet undeniable symbol of Fly fishing!

With our help and guidance, Yager’s Flies began implementing their new Trademark in a Radically Consistent manner. We have achieved the goals that we hoped for: increasing sales significantly and positioning Yager’s Flies as a leader in their industry.

“Vividesign Group has designed numerous logos, advertisements, brochures and catalogs for my businesses over the past 20+ years. Once Dennis did our first design we never used anyone else. He is very creative and always comes up with such brilliant artwork that is even better than what we had expected. Customers and even competitors of ours have complimented projects Dennis designed for us and we have referred him to others who used him for similar business projects. Not only is his creativity and final products exceptional but he also completes things on and usually before schedule deadlines. I highly recommend Dennis and would be happy to speak to anyone on his behalf.”

Timothy D. Yager
Owner of Yager’s Files & Managing Partner, EM3 Networks

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