Type of Business: Service Industry

Product or Service: Outdoor Contracting

Trademark Style: Initial Mark

Location: Elizabethtown, Kentucky

This company began as “JB Lawncare”. It started off as a young man cutting lawns in the summer. During his high-school years, he just wanted a job. He desired independence and a break from the typical fast-food route that most of his peers followed. After cutting grass for a few years, he began taking on other types of larger landscaping projects. He now has his sites set on being much bigger and more diverse. He is beginning to invest in bigger construction equipment to expand his offering. With that new vision and direction, he realized that his current Identity was too limiting.

The “JB” portion of the name represents the owners initials and obviously the “Lawncare” described the nature of the business. This naming scenario represents the process a vast majority of business owners use to come up with a corporate name. This young man was wise enough to recognize its imitations early and sought professional help.

Being the foundation of a Corporate Identity, the new name was created first. The Owner wanted a completely new word for the name and wanted it to give the impression offering a lasting Improvement to the property of his clients. The name “proHansive was created by putting together the words “Professional” and “Enhance”.

Once the Name was chosen, the process of creating the Trademark began. The owner wanted to portray strength and stability with the Logo. This particular Trademark is an Initial Mark. This Initial Mark is unique from the perspective that the initial that is showcased is not the typical first letter of the word but a middle letter that signifies the key word in the name. The Trademark is bold and simplistic with a distinctive 3-D feel. The fonts were chosen to be masculine and the colors were chosen to portray a modern feel.

“I have family members that used Vividesign Group in the past. Once we discussed the project, it was no time before we had a new name and a new Logo. You can tell designing Logos are his passion. I just wish that I would have hired him sooner!”

Josh Bartelt
Owner, proHancive

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