Type of Business: Manufacturer / On-line Retailer

Product or Service: Fly Fishing Tackle

Trademark Style: Concept Mark

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

Haggerty Lures is a classic “Mom-and-Pop” business. It started out in their house after hours of their regular jobs. It got to the point that the owners had to make that critical decision: Take they leap of faith and leave the nine-to five jobs in order to focus on Growing the business or continue burning the candle at both ends by working both jobs. They chose to take that leap of faith.

Once they made that leap of faith, they knew they needed to quit behaving and and looking like a mom-and-pop operation and begin to look like a contender in the fishing industry. They realized they needed to have a “Professional Look”. They desired a “cool” logo that was easily recognizable to the fishing industry.

We created this Simplistic Trademark (logo) that was designed to resembles a Largemouth Bass. The Largemouth Bass is the most sought after gamefish in North America. Our primary objective was to have a simplistic, yet bold mark that could be EASILY applied to any application they needed like embroidering it on clothing. We carefully used very few elements and purposefully fought the urge to add too much detail. The “Grumpy Fish” Trademark above is the Mark that we landed on.

“I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Man who designed our “Grumpy Fish” logo – Dennis Hogan of Vividesign Group. It’s become so much a part of us, it’s hard to remember not having it. Dennis created an award-winning design that fits us perfectly in a few short days when many others couldn’t get it done in YEARS. It’s simple, memorable and works well on everything! Thanks so much Dennis! If you need a logo or design look him up.”

Lorraine Haggerty
Owner, Haggerty Lures

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