Type of Business: Manufacturer

Product or Service: Truck Mounted Drill Bit

Trademark Style: Name Mark

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

The Owners of Gator Rock Bits came to us looking for a Trademark for their new company. The brothers had been in business for a second generation doing electrical utility construction and repair work. Their new company was the result of inventing a new truck mounted drill bit that drilled through rock. When drilling holes for installing new utility poles, the discovery of a rock bed in the new hole meant the loss of productivity and profits. To drill through that rock, a whole new crew specializing in rock removal, had to be called in to deal with that obstacle. At that time, that specialized crew were the only ones that had the tools and skills to deal that rock. At times and in certain conditions, explosives may even need to be used. Changing crews mid project meant the loss of time and increase in costs. The new drill bit allowed the original crew to stay on the job, change a bit from the common dirt auger to this new rock bit, and in a matter of hours, not days, they were back to their original assignment. They soon realized that there was a market for their invention.

To reach a vast market in the utilities space, they knew they needed a profession image for their project. Their initial vision for the Trademark made sense to them, but it would not have served them well. They wanted a detailed illustration of an alligator with a rock in its mouth, chomping down on it and breaking it into pieces. What they wanted was a video not a Trademark

While we agreed with the essence of the concept, the execution would have limited them on how they could use it and it would have cost them a lot of money trying to reproduce it. We explained to them the pitfalls of their wishes and designed them a Trademark that they loved and would serve them well in all applications.

Their new Name Mark (a symbol that focuses on the concept that they name conveys) is Bold, powerful and contains the original essence of strength.

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