Type of Business: Online Retailer

Product or Service: Men’s Clothing

Trademark Style: Product Mark / Initial Mark

Location: Tampa, Florida

Espiwear had been in business for a couple of years and grew from a local ‘mom-and-pop’ to a serious contender on the national marketplace. What may not seem to be important to a small, local market is essential on a national scale: Image Matters. The fact is, people make instant, superficial decisions about the quality of a company by the image they portray.

Espiwear realized that, on a national stage, they needed a more professional image. They are in a very competitive market where they sell men’s clothing on-line via multiple e-commerce platforms. They wanted a corporate identity (Trademark) that really spoke to what they did.

The Trademark is a combination Product Mark and Initial Mark. The beauty of this trademark is the subtlety of certain elements that once you see it, you cannot unsee it. The “E” is very prominent in the back collar but the “W” for the word wear doubles as the outline of the collar tabs in the front. Also, the symbol and name mark are nestled together in such a way that the dot over the eye doubles a button in the shirt’s placard. These little touches make a Trademark unique. Below is what the customer had to say.

“VIVIDESIGN Group was very receptive with the needs and vision for my company’s logo. Dennis was a very patient collaborator and instrumental in designing the right look and feel to match my vision. I’ve dealt with several designers and Dennis Hogan is hands down the best. Hire with confidence!”

Joe Espi
Owner, EspieWear

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