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When your business needs a fresh: Brand identity, Trademark, Initial Mark, Product Mark, Concept Mark, Name Mark, Word Mark, Arbitrary Mark, and more, we are your Corporate Identity Specialist. If you are not sure or don’t understand these terms, that’s OK, we are delighted to share the Gospel from a Corporate Identity Specialist.

At Vividesign Group, we know the difference between a Word Mark and a Name Mark. As a seasoned Corporate Identity Specialist We research whether a Product Mark or a Concept Mark is better for you. We have created countless Initial Marks & Arbitrary Marks we know when the use of that Trademark style is appropriate. Which style of Trademark does your organization need?

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We believe your Trademark must be bold; your corporate Identity Brand must be SIMPLISTIC; your trademark must be creative. If your current trademark does not scream these three essential qualities, you need to call us today!

HoudiniDo you know who the Great Harry Houdini is? Of course, you do, he was the world’s greatest magician.

Do you know who Erik & Ferenc Weisz are? Probably not… They were brothers, touted as the world’s greatest magicians.

Both brothers were able to perform all of the illusions and escapes equally well. They went in separate directions to seek fame and fortune.

Harry Houdini’s biggest secret, he hired a Corporate Identity Specialist.

Ferenc Weisz went on to perform magic for small groups and corporate events, he did good.
Erik Weisz hired an agent Martin Beck, Martin hired a Corporate Identity Specialist, and as if by magic Erik Weisz became Harry Houdini.

It is not the person who is the most qualified that gets the job, it’s the person who is perceived as the most qualified that gets the job. If you know you are the best at what you do but sales are not what they should be, you need a Corporate Identity Specialist, you need Vividesign Group.

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Corporate Identity Specialist

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    What is an Arbitrary Mark?2022-03-30T20:56:38-04:00


    An Arbitrary Mark is a Trademark style that has no obvious meaning to the viewer. While Product Marks symbolize the product or service that is provided the company, a Name Mark portrays a symbol that represents the company name. A Word Mark displays the organization in a stylistic manner. The Arbitrary Mark falls in none of those categories.

    The most obvious example of an Arbitray Mark is that of the Nike “Swoosh”. It is a cool design without an obvious or immediately understood meaning. That is not to say that The mark has no meaning. The difference is that a meaning is generally created and assigned after the fact.

    What is a Word Mark?2022-02-16T15:08:10-05:00

    A Word Mark is a Trademark that make the name of the organization the primary component of the Trademark. Most people thinks a “Trademark” is the graphical element or icon that accompanies the name. But the true definition of the Trademark is the symbol and the name together in a cohesive unit. With a Word Mark, that primary graphical element is eliminated and the design focuses on the stylized presentation of the name itself.

    Just because the “primary” symbol element is missing, does not mean that the Trademark is “plain text”. Often the stylized name is accompanied by other graphic elements, they just are not the primary focus of the Trademark.

    What is a Product Mark?2022-02-16T15:04:44-05:00

    ESPI WEAR LOGOA Product Mark is a Trademark style that attempts to visually symbolize the product or service that the company offers. EspiWear below is a good example of this. EspiWear is an online reseller of men’s clothing. We created their Trademark to signify a man’s shirt. The trap of this Trademark style is that most organizations do not just manufacture, distribute, or sell a single product. Therefore one must control the urge to represent a number of different products thereby creating a busy and anti-simplistic Trademark.

    What is a Name Mark?2022-02-16T03:08:42-05:00

    THOROUGHBRED TECHNOLOGIESA Name Mark is a Trademark that visually represents the name of the company. The company name may seem to be arbitrary to what the company sells or produces. But, the Name Mark focuses on the Name as the source of inspiration for the Trademark.

    For an example, look to the Thoroughbred Trademark. The company produces inkjet cartridges and has nothing to do with the horse industry. But because they are based in Kentucky, it is a great symbol for strength. For that reason, we focused our attention on creating a Trademark that symbolized the name of the company.

    What is an Initial Mark?2022-02-18T02:21:40-05:00

    DIGISAWAn Initial Mark is a style of Trademark where the primary focus of the Brand Mark is on one or more stylized initials that represent the name of the organization. Most times, an Initial Mark is a single letter which is the first letter of the company name. Digisaw below is a good example of this application.

    However, just because the first letter Initial Mark is most common, having multiple letters for multiple words is not uncommon. The company “MAC” stands for “Military Assistance Company”. So MAC is the initials for all three words in the name.

    While the initials are the primary focus of the Trademark, that is not to say that other graphic elements cannot play an important role in the overall design. SimPac is a good example of this. The “S”, the initial, helps form the shape of the box and other elements complete the illusion.

    What is a Concept Mark?2022-02-18T02:23:54-05:00

    A Concept Mark is Trademark style where a particular idea is trying to be conveyed that is not directly tied to the product/service or the company name. Instead, it is a concept that is important to the business and is usually very identifiable to the market in which the business serves.

    Take the Haggerty Lure Trademark for instance. A gamefish was chosen to represent the company. A fish isn’t what the company sells of course, but it is what the company is all about: Fishing Lures.


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    Free Report: 7 Principles of a Successful Corporate Identity

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